Welcome to my first blog- beauty or beast?!?

Now that the sun has shone and appears to be gone what is left to do but get organised for summer. For some this means frantically finding or renewing passports, as in my husbands case! For others, the more organised of this world are slowly collecting minitures of their favourite products to allow them to travel, cattle class, with one bag on Ryan air. What did we do before it?? Went to saltcoats in my case and was munched by tiny black beasties on the beach. A good day was marked with a slight queasy feeling from eating too much whippy ice-cream and getting bright red- check out my tan lines!?!? Ahhhh, memories so why am I waffling here, not sure. What’s the purpose of this wee blether in written form? Lets ask what do we do to prepare for going away??

1. Wax/shave/depilatory creams- what’s best??

Well they all remove hair but some for longer. Waxing can be done at a salon, like mine or with the wide array now available of cold strips (ouch!) what I would say is have you ever tried to remove your own upper lip hair- ahhhhhhh is all I say!! Everything in your being is saying ‘don’t do it’ but once on your at the point of no return. My tip pull it off like a plaster, quick and sharp, causing less trauma and pain! Also immediately put pressure on it, with your finger as this helps take the heat and pain out. Try not to touch it either, as you will encourage spots. So waxing can last, for some up to 4 weeks. Shaving only takes top of the hair off, so you need to do it more frequently, daily for some! Now could you be bothered?!? Don’t mix waxing and shaving, like me as you end up with lots of little cuts similar to being attacked by a 100+ midges!!! So what’s left depilatory creams. Well personally I have concerns over these. Think about it they dissolve the hair (!!) so what are they doing to the skin over time? The smell also resembles that of freshly singed skin, yuk!! The results last a little longer than shaving but considerably less than waxing!

Ok, waffle over! At the end of the day the choice is yours, so pick what works for you. Personally, I’m a waxer all the way- ‘waxy ward’ has a good ring to it! Ha, ha.

Need to go for now but will come back later and be a bit more structured in my blogging, promise!!


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